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I couldn't win. He took me, he made me realize actual fear. This is the best siren head I've played yet!

Your game starts at 9:36

Thankyou, I loved your gameplay 


I featured this in my video 


Thankyou for your gameplay!

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As a developer myself, this is one of - if not the best - Sirenhead games out there. Keep on going guys, I support you!

However, I'm pretty sure I am supposed to be the best Unity and C# developer in England so....

I CHALLENGE you to make a game in two days! It can be any genre of game, and the goal can be anything you want. 

For more details, here is a video from my youtube channel for more details:


Hi,  thank you for your comment!

I'm just one guy, and this is actually the first actual game I have made in the Unity engine. At the moment I am not looking to pull off anything in 48 hours but I will let you know when I have more free time :)

Gotcha! Thanks for the reply anyways, most developers either don't respond to me or agree to it and then compeletely flake out.

It's nice to know that you're not like that. Anyways, I hope you stay safe and enjoy your free time. Also, congrats on making this game, if you didn't know already, I'm pretty sure there's a famous youtuber called Jacksepticeye who's seen the trailer for your game - which is how I recognised it so early - and might plan on playing after he's done whatever he's doing at the moment. He was very enthusiastic about the game and said he'd love to play it!

Link to his yt channel -

He's got 24.3 million subs, 13 billion views (I'm serious) and a very large amount of people (inculding myself) who are heavily influenced by him.

Good luck and take care - faceless, nameless gamedev

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Starting off this game had a beautiful environment that was vibrant during the day and downright terrifying at night. The game's atmosphere was also incredibly well done as it inspired a general sense of unease that would morph into paranoia. Overall, this game was quite enjoyable and made for a fantastic experience.

Thank you for the experience and I hope you continue to make other amazing games.

Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


the game is cool and atmospheric.


Thanks for playing!


Awesome, lol! Made you a video

Thank you!


A short enjoyable siren head game. Rendering when going to truck had some issues though. Happened every attempt and idk how to fix that, but i still enjoyed it. Thanks.

Thank you for playing! I'll have a look at the issue you encountered.


nice game i enjoy it



Okay. I just saw the game pop in my Twitter's TL and I already want to try it !

Thank you! Be sure to check out the trailer on the game page!

I downloaded it and I recorded it and honestly it's really good but I have a question. How are you supposed to exit ? x)

Getting killed by sirenhead or getting to the ending returns the player to the title screen with an exit button. I will add an exit feature in game though. Thank you for playing!

Yeah, but I mean, it's pretty hard to rush to the truck at the end... so I always ended getting killed x)